1. Who can become an Investor?
  2. What is a Qualified Investor?
  3. What is a Institutional Investor (II)?
  4. Why should I invest?
  5. What are the risks of Investing?
  6. How much can I invest?
  7. Why do I need to Bid for a loan?
  8. Who does the vetting of Borrowers?
  9. What do I get in exchange for my investment?
  10. What is the interest returned on my investment?
  11. I was notified that the Fundraising campaign I invested in is unsuccessful, what happens now?
  12. Are my investments made public?
  13. Does the Borrower receive my Investment right away?
  14. Can the Borrower reject your funds?
  15. Is my investment guaranteed?
  16. What happens in the event of a Borrower delay or default on a repayment?
  17. What is the Loan Grade?
  18. How is the repayment schedule calculated?
  19. What is the effective interest rate?
  20. What is the annual percentage rate (APR)?
  21. Can I withdraw/modify my investment Bid?
  22. Can I withdraw my investment?
  23. What does All-or-Nothing mean?
  24. Which legal documents do I get as an Investor in a loan?
  25. Why do I need to Top Up to be able to invest?
  26. I have zero balance, can I still bid?
  27. How do I Top Up my account?
  28. Why is my Bid Pending?
  29. How is the collateral handled?
  30. How is Loan-To-Value (LTV) % of the collateral calculated?
  31. Are there any fees when I withdraw my money?
  32. What is the tax implication for Indonesia Tax Resident Investors?
  33. What is the tax implication for Non Indonesia Resident Investors?
  34. What is the Exchange Rate Risk?

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